iPhone 6 'hairgate': Users encounter latest Apple problem after 'bendgate'

There is no end to Apple’s woes when it comes to the iPhone 6

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Forget #bendgate, iPhone 6 Plus users have discovered a new woe to add to their list of complaints, and it already has its own hashtag: #hairgate.

After reports that Apple’s new handset bends if enough pressure is applied to it, users are now taking to Twitter to claim that the smartphone is catching hairs from people’s heads and beards and pulling them out.

“I’m concerned about my iPhone 6 Plus, keeps yanking out my hair when I’m making a call,” an anonymous user wrote in a community post on 9to5mac.com.

According to Twitter users, hairs get stuck in the fine seam between the glass and the aluminium on the new handsets.

When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were first released, numerous pictures of the handsets that had been unintentionally bent appeared on Twitter.

While Apple says it has only received a handful of official complaints about the issue, it is thought that the new phones are susceptible to being bent because the iPhone 6 Plus is so much larger than previous phones.

At the time, Apple said that with “normal use” a bend in the iPhone should be “extremely rare,” and that the new handsets feature “steel/titanium inserts to reinforce stress locations and use the strongest glass in the industry”.