The best and brightest of the UK games media convene for the Games Media Awards in London on Thursday October 15th. The GMAs help highlight the cream of the current crop of entertaining and informative writers and publications for those interested in finding out more about video games.

The award's categories cover the best websites, magazines and newspapers, as well as downloadable radio shows and of course the writers themselves. There is also a category for rising stars to draw attention to new writers making a difference in their field and to encourage and inspire those wanting to break in to the industry.

Nominations this year include enthusiastically sarcastic Sega fan site UKResistance, downloadable radio show OneLifeLeft, and comprehensive news blog VG247. Previous winners include Gamespot's podcast, European reviews site Eurogamer, and innovative writer Kieron Gillen.

The prestige attached to the GMAs is underlined by the fact that Gamescom, Europe's biggest video games trade show, has lent its support to the event.