Batman: Arkham Knight; Yoshi's Woolly World; Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, gaming reviews

The meticulously crafted, mature conclusion to the Arkham series showcases the Dark Knight at his very brightest

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Batman: Arkham Knight


PlayStation 4, Xbox One (£59.99)

This is a masterclass in psychological unease that pushes its protagonist to the very limit, played across a landscape as vast in scope and detail as a sandbox game has ever dared attempt. Grappling off buildings and vantage points to soar through the damp, neon-lit skies of Gotham is as satisfying as ever, while the expanded free-flow combat system and gratifying predator-stealth sections make this is the ultimate Batman-simulator. While the introduction of the Batmobile suffers from dull tank battle sections, this meticulously crafted, mature conclusion to the Arkham series showcases the Dark Knight at his very brightest.

Oliver Cragg

Yoshi's Woolly World


Wii U (£34.99)

Creators of the well-liked Kirby's Epic Yarn on the Wii return to the 'skein' of the crime with another of Nintendo's endearing mascots, making the already cute Yoshi even more adorable. Almost everything is cast in a variety of textile materials, with platforms and other obstacles made from suede, tweed, and of course, wool. The gameplay is classic Yoshi, harking back to his Snes outing, Yoshi's Island. A special mention must go to the stellar soundtrack, with Hawaiian steel guitars, sitars and synthesisers providing some real treats as you work your way through the six worlds.

Sam Gill

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition


PlayStation 4, Xbox One (£19.99)

Another day, another remaster. Packing in more playable characters, a harder difficulty setting and a faster mode, the variety refreshes the challenge, but it's not without issues. Infamous for lengthy combat combos and frantic melee action, the story is still ridiculous, but there's plenty of backtracking. Newcomers will have a blast, and new modes mean seasoned players will want to come back too.

Jack Turner