Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta — how to get it, and know if you have it already

PC and Xbox One beta will be open until August 31

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The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta has opened — and there’s still a few days to have a go on the game before (almost) everyone else.

The PlayStation beta has already closed, but there’s still plenty of chance to play on Xbox One or PC until August 31.

To get hold of the game, you’ll first need to get hold of a code. If you’ve pre-ordered the game, then you’ll have access to that already — if you’ve pre-ordered from a shop, or from the platform’s stores, then it should have already been provided.

Once you have the code, you can head to the special page that has been set up to redeem them.




If you’re on PC, there might be another way. If you’ve bought any of the other recent Call of Duty Games — Ghosts, Advanced Warfare or Black Ops 2 — then you might find the game waiting for you in your Steam account.

If you’re on an Xbox, you’ll need to have Gold to be able to play.

The Xbox was hit by problems this week, but those mostly seemed to have been cleared up. There are workarounds available if you are still unable to get online.

The beta is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC — the same platforms that the game itself will eventually be sold on. It opened for the latter two platforms on August 26 and will run until August 31.