Dying Light continues the theme of first-person zombie survival games


Dying Light


PS4, Xbox One, PC (£49.99)

The latest game from Dead Island developers Techland continues their theme of first-person zombie survival games. The key mechanic here, and what separates Dying Light from Dead Island and other first-person games, is the reliance on parkour to traverse the city. The other key component to this game is the day and night cycle – at night the zombies change and are much more powerful and quick. The developers have implemented some interesting ideas, but unfortunately they don't seem to have developed any enough to make this a really great game.

Jack Fleming



PC, Wii U, PS3, PS4, PS Vita (£11.99)

A young boy finds shelter in a mysterious tower at the edge of town. The game reveals itself as a metroidvania-style adventure, with the emphasis on puzzle-solving. Exploring the tower, you gain the ability to control the polarity of objects, and magnetism becomes the central concept behind many puzzles. Exploring becomes more challenging as traps and enemies hinder your progress, and the lack of a health bar and introduction of bosses makes for a frustrating combination. Get past these and it's a beautiful-looking head-scratcher.

Toby Clarke

Awesomenauts Assemble!


PS4 (£7.99)

"Awesomenauts assemble!" my TV screams at me. This Moba from Ronimo Games straddles retro and modern with a foot planted in both. Awesomenauts was released in 2013 across previous gen and PC, but this version gets the "Assemble", and is updated for the PS4 with all the additions since its original release. If you want a game to relax with with friends, but keep an element of team-play and tactics, it's worth looking into.

Will Donaldson