E3 runners, riders – and rumours

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Every June, the great and the good of the gaming world gather in Los Angeles for E3, the industry’s massive tradeshow where big announcements, sneak previews and new hardware jostle for attention.

So what’s on the cards for this year’s event, which kicks off on 15 June? The big three, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will kick things off with their press conferences. Microsoft will be showing off its Project Natal movement-based system and – so the rumours go – could be announcing Hulu for the Xbox. Nintendo will be spilling the beans about its latest Wii title, ‘Wii Party’ and insiders expect to see the DS’s new 3D capability. Sony is also set to go big on 3D, as well as revealing info on its PSN+.

Meanwhile, publisher of the moment, Rockstar, is expected to shun the show entirely. Currently enjoying the number one spot in the charts with ‘Red Dead Redemption’, the company is likely to announce ‘GTA’ news later in the year.