Two years after its developers raised £1.7 million on Kickstarter, Elite: Dangerous has been officially launched. The game had languished without a publisher for years, until it was saved by backers on the crowdfunding platform.

Frontier Developments, which made the game, turned to the crowdfunding platform after being unable to find a company that would publish the game for years, despite intense fan interest. Theey raised £1.7 million on Kickstarter last year, and launched the game yesterday.

While an early version of the game had been playable by backers of the Kickstarter campaign, today marks the release of the game to the public. It can be bought for £40 or $60, slightly more than the price that those pre-ordering it paid. A Mac version of the game is set to be launched in about three months.

The company has also said that it will look into moving the game onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Elite: Dangerous is the fourth part of the Elite games series. Like other games in the series it sees players pilot a spaceship through a huge open world, but it is the first one to allow players to do so through a massively multiplayer universe.

The series started in 1984, and has been in development for many years.