A PlayStation representative holds a PS4 controller / JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images

ForwardWorks will use PlayStation's intellectual property in its mobile games

Sony is forming a completely new company which will focus on making smartphone games.

Sony Computer Entertainment (which will be known as Sony Interactive Entertainment from 1 April), has announced the formation of ForwardWorks Corporation, which will "deploy new services toward the ever-expanding smart device market."

ForwardWorks, from its headquarters in Tokyo, will be able to use PlayStation intellectual property like titles, characters and formats in its games.

That means flagship PlayStation titles could be getting the mobile treatment in the near future, in the same way Nintendo used its 'Mii' characters in its recently-released debut mobile game, Miitomo.

The Sony statement said ForwardWorks' first titles would be aimed at users in Japan and the rest of Asia, but if the company proves successful, it may well expand to the rest of the world.

The new company will be led by Atsushi Morita, SCE's President in Japan and Asia, with Welshman Andrew House, overall President of SCE, acting as Group CEO.

Sony has previously tried to break into the mobile market with PlayStation Mobile, a store for indie games and old PlayStation 1 classics. However, it was shut down last year. Sony will be hoping ForwardWorks proves more successful.