Gamers queuing for GTA 5 robbed at gunpoint

Pedestrians were Tasered and had their phones and money stolen

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A queue of gamers in Texas waiting for the chance to hold up in-game stores were themselves victims of a GTA 5-esque robbery on Monday night, when a group of armed men wearing hoodies and masks rushed a branch of GameStop.

In events that can all be replicated in the game, which is released on Xbox One and PS4 this week, the thieves Tasered customers and stole their money and mobile phones before taking cash from the store's register.

No word on whether they escaped in a dune buggy blaring Flying Lotus and tossing grenades.

A clerk at the store managed to fit a tracking device to the cash, but Houston police later found it tossed out of the window of the getaway car on the FM 1960 highway.

The customer who was Tasered was not taken to hospital and no-one else was hurt during the robbery.

Deputies are now searching for the three armed robbers, who, if they're being truly Grand Theft Auto-authentic, are hiding out in a penthouse apartment ceaselessly changing their costumes.