Bungie said that all progress will not be carried into the final game

With the success of the Alpha and the Beta in full swing Bungie were back at Gamescom showing what we could expect when Destiny, one of the biggest titles this year, is released on all consoles on September 9.

According to Bungie’s infographic over 4.5 million people have been playing the Beta and 6.5 million Guardians, the game’s playable characters, have been created. Unfortunately in a poetic (and slightly strange) announcement Bungie said that those customizable gun-toters, however long you might have spent on them, will not be carried into the final game.

Bungie Designer Tyson Green gave this explanation. "Since the Beta, we’ve continued to tune and adjust the game. The way you earn experience has been adjusted up and down a bunch of times. Items have been added and removed. New features toggled. Although there’s no single monumental change, the sum of the tweaks leaves characters from the Beta Build in strange shape that would be confusing at best, broken at worst."

Bungie also unveiled a new trailer for Destiny’s competitive multiplayer modes which will include Skirmish, Rumble, Salvage, Clash, Combined Arms, Control and Iron Banner.


This is not the same as Destiny’s ‘mingleplayer’ which runs continuously through the game: While doing single player missions you will have the ability to create ‘fireteams’ with friends to tackle bigger foes – though the larger your group gets, the harder it will be to defeat the enemy. This does mean that Destiny has to be be played online and doesn’t have an offline mode.

Bungie also named the first Destiny expansion pack – ‘The Dark Below’ – and gave its release date as December. GameStop then revealed that Destiny is its most preordered new IP ever.

This isn’t the end of the announcements, Bungie still has the final trailer to release and in their last news blogpost they hinted that fans should keep an eye out at Gamescom – “We’ll be interrogated all week. It’s a good chance that we’ll crack under questioning and tell you something that you want to know.”