Soak up the nostalgia: NES Remix


NES Remix


Wii U (£8.99)

Some might say it's lazy to bring back games from days of yore – but devoted Nintendo fans are likely to soak up the nostalgia with NES Remix. Playing mini challenges from classics such as Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong, tasks may seem ever so quick and easy at first, but they soon become tricky as you try and get used to old school movement to unlock levels. Stripping back the frills we're accustomed to in modern play makes a nice change, though you wouldn't want 8-bit gaming back for good.

Laura Davis

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


iOS, Android (£4.99)

Coming so soon after the release of the ground-breaking GTA5, it is impossible to view San Andreas for mobile and tablet in anything but its shadow. It feels inferior in every way – graphically, imaginatively and in the lack of freedom fans have come to expect. The biggest frustration lies in the controls, as it's nearly impossible to drive from A to B without colliding with residents, lampposts or incredibly aggressive drivers. Switching such a vast and complex game to the small screen just doesn't work.

Simon Rice

Don't Starve


PC, PS4 (££11.99 or free with PlayStation Plus)

Set within a hostile Tim Burton-esque world, this is a survival adventure game which requires exploiting the randomly generated world for resources to craft into ever more complicated items to aid survival. Permadeath does make the experience much more difficult and time consuming but for those that persevere, Don't Starve's rewards are numerous and great fun to discover.

Jack Fleming