Internet Archive uploads thousands of DOS games that can be played in browser

Site aims to store the history of the internet

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The Internet Archive has uploaded 2,400 classic DOS games that can be played in computers’ browsers.

The archive includes games such as the original versions of Prince of Persia, SimCity (shown above, on Mac) and Wolfenstein. All of them can be played in the browser without the installation of any special software.

A full list of the 2,400 games can be found on Internet Archive’s special website.

The new games follow the Internet Archive’s successful creation of Atari and arcade emulators, that also came with hundreds of games. The former also saw the release of the Historical Software Collection, which holds the newly uploaded DOS games.

The Internet Archive is a not for profit digital library that aims to catalogue information online. As well as the gaming initiatives, it also holds an archive of many of the websites on the internet at various points in their lifespan, and digitises books so that they can be read online.