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That plumber will ice you and show no remorse

The evidence that I need to own a copy of Mario Kart 8 despite no longer being 8-years-old and wearing light-up trainers is really stacking up, the latest gem being Luigi's absolutely deadpan death stare when shelling competitors.

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A gamer uploaded a video of Luigi green shelling the living daylights out of Waluigi on YouTube, set in slow motion to Chamillionaire's Ridin' Dirty.

If that wasn't reason enough to watch, it ends with Luigi turning his head and staring blankly at his defeated opponent like some kind of Italian plumbing psychopath.

The latest iteration of Nintendo's racing series was released on Wii U last week, and sees a new kart join the ranks: a Mercedes Benz.

A GLA convertible will be made available for free in Japan this summer, with a European DLC release expected to follow.

It's a slightly bizarre vehicle to introduce among all the usual vehicles, but forms part of a whopping deal Mario has done with Mercedes that includes a rather excellent advert for the GLA which blends live action and gaming.