Wii, 3DS; Nintendo; £17.99 (eShop)

Although Bowser is now seen as Mario's true nemesis, it's easy to forget it was originally Donkey Kong who kept the plumber from his princess. Nintendo aim a nostalgic nod to this scenario in their Mario vs. Donkey Kong games and Tipping Stars, the sixth title in the series, arrives this week on Wii U and 3DS.

Starring clockwork toy versions of our well-known heroes, Tipping Stars returns to the 2D plane after several forays into the third dimension, but retains the same fiendish puzzling action. Using finger or stylus to set Mario in motion, he will walk blithely in a straight line until a wall or obstacle stops him. Players must ensure he avoids hazards like spikes, Shy Guys and Donkey Kong himself, and navigate a path to the exit door of each level, collecting coins along the way.


This is achieved in a number of ways, from moving (and removing) girders, to utilising warp pipes and ladders in order to traverse the perilous layouts. Switches and spring pads also come into play, as do power-ups such as the hammers, which allow you to knock out foes blocking your path. Stuffed with sixty levels of increasing difficulty, there's plenty of content to keep things interesting, but perhaps the best feature is the ability to create your own levels and post them to the Miiverse.

As the game supports both cross-buy and cross-platform play, it encourages an active community and generates a staggering amount of levels, from the comedic to the cruel, effectively meaning players will never want for content.

Perhaps best suited to the on-the-go nature of the 3DS, it's nonetheless pleasing to see Nintendo supporting cross buying as it is more comfortable to manipulate the level creator on a larger screen. With this week's announcement of Nintendo's move into mobile gaming in the future, with Tipping Stars they show they already have a title perfectly suited for the medium.