Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain µµµµµ PS4, XBox One, PC (£54.99)

Set before the events of MGS1 but after those of MGS3, you play as the original Snake or "Big Boss". It takes a different approach to its predecessors – no more lengthy cut scenes – and the real joy comes from the story you craft yourself. Each mission can be approached in a multitude of ways as this is the first game in the series in an open world. Even if you haven't played an MGS game, it is a beautiful game that gives the player true agency in an impeccably scaled world. Spectacular. Jack Fleming

Rugby World Cup 2015 µµµµµ Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC (£46.85)

It's hard to think of a global tournament that produces a game which disappoints as much as Rugby World Cup 2015, but then we've grown used to it. And yet, Bigben Interactive have still managed to produce something that baffles beyond belief. The England squad don't have their real names – despite this being an official game of a tournament in England. The graphics looks worse than the 2007 version, gameplay has far too many options and it's virtually impossible to win a ruck against a top 10 nation. Back to the drawing board. Jack De Menezes

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls µµµµµ psvita (£34.99)

In a change of pace from the cult curio main games, Ultra Despair Girls is the first action game in the part Ace Attorney, part Battle Royale horror-mystery series. The vibrantly bonkers new and returning characters and expansive narrative somewhat make up for the clunky third-person shooting and mediocre puzzling, while the cut scenes are a treat. One for fans of the franchise who will be able to "bear" the reference-heavy story. Newcomers would be better off starting at the beginning. Oliver Cragg