PlayStation 3D Display goes on sale


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A 3D monitor created for Sony's PlayStation console has gone on sale in the UK and Europe.

Originally announced at the E3 videogame conference last year, the 24-inch 1080p HD PlayStation 3D Display is retailing at £449.

In the US, however, the monitor, which comes with two pairs of 3D glasses, a stand and two PS3 games Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5, costs as little as $394.89 which equates to £245.

The screen has a feature called Similview which allows two gamers to play on the same monitor.

When a player sits to the left or right of the screen, they will see a pair of distinct images which negates the need for a splitscreen option.

The monitor also has HDMI inputs. There is a component input which works with the PS2 and PSP.

Over the past couple of years, 3D gaming has taken off. Nintendo's 3DS handheld had a slow start but has proved popular and blockbuster games such as Uncharted 3 have 3D options.