PlayStation Network still partly down after hack, but fixes in place

Sony said it had restored PSN service on Saturday after Christmas Eve cyber-attack — but network still doesn’t seem to be fully online

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Some people are still having trouble connecting to Sony’s PlayStation Network days after it and Xbox Live were hit by a huge cyber-attack, but some fixes seem to be in place to help gamers get back online.

Sony said on Saturday that the PlayStation Network was back online — and while connectivity has been largely restored, some users are still reporting issues with getting online.

PlayStations can be encouraged to get back onto the network by heading to “Network” in the “Settings” menu. Then select “Set Up Internet Connection”, “Use Wi-Fi” and then “Custom”. Choose the propert internet connection and keep going until the menu offers “MTU Settings”.

On that menu, choose the “Manual” option and change the default for maximum transmission units from 1,500 to 1,473. That change seems to get the PlayStation back online.

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were taken down by a group calling themselves Lizard Squad on Christmas Eve. Xbox came back quickly, but PlayStation took longer — Sony said it was working again on Saturday.