'Press X to pay respects': Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's funeral scene is so Call of Duty

Can I tap the shoulder button to grieve?

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If you thought the latest Call of Duty's name (Advanced Warfare) was lazy, wait until you see its efforts at sympathy for the loss of human life.

In an interactive scene as gleefully tasteless as the infamous airport massacre in Modern Warfare 2, the playable character Private Jack Mitchell attends the funeral of his best friend who died on a mission in South Korea, paying his heartfelt respects by either pressing F or holding X (depending on what console you're on).

There is also the option to just sit there passively, but sadly no way to keep hammering X and pay your respects a thousand times over, making it rain single roses.

Advanced Warfare does seem to put a stronger emphasis on the characters and plot for a change (they roped in Kevin Spacey to play the antagonist after all), and as Kotaku points out, the funeral scene does serve to frame events later in the game, but it's still incredible the sentence 'Hold X to pay respects' got the sign-off.

I look forward to Fox News getting a hold of this, it'll be like Obama's Styrofoam cup salute all over again.