The One Where Joey Wees Himself Trying To Get Grade 8 Lute / ian80

The One Where Joey Wees Himself Trying To Get Grade 8 Lute

Recreating TV shows, characters and real world locations is a time-honoured tradition in gaming, from Walter White and a Kendrick Lamar album popping up in GTA 5 to the opening of Game of Thrones being remade in Little Big Planet 2 – hell, someone even recreated the entire country of Denmark in Minecraft.

The Sims 4 has barely been out a week but given its extensive customisation options it's already proving a playground for people with enough free time to sift through 500 shades of wallpaper to find the one that most closely resembles that of the bedroom of their favourite TV character.

This early Friends effort is pretty solid, with screen grabs posted by a gamer on Reddit showing Monica's, Phoebe's, Ross's and Joey and Chandler's apartments along with Central Perk, with serious attention to detail:

Monica's Aparment

02 - Up6pirF.png

Note: Exposed brickwork, copper pans

01 - Available in-game on The Gallery search Origin ID ian8000.png

"Plees, dag vous neenle aws?" (genuinely "How you doin'?" in Simlish)

03 - eeZzY3T.png

05 - v6egM6E.png

They got the wooden pillars right too, even if they did break the fourth wall

04 - VUKMb6n.png

Joey and Chandler's apartment

That bar stool positioning, and kitchen paraphernalia!

07 - 2CO2fyq.png

But sadly the La-Z-Boys don't recline.

08 - vZRaOWU.png

06 - PP4jeRa.png

09 - p3KCWfs.png

Central Perk

A+ for soft lighting, neon signs and classic orange couch

10 - 3j0u3sk.png

11 - sBIxkuh.png

12 - zfN9SaC.png

Ross' apartment

A solid effort. Needs more margaritas

14 - lYflwgy.png

Phoebe's apartment

Guitar was a nice touch, missing Mike and Antique Bird Cage LARGE though.

13 - 7PbroxS.png


Yes they even made the hallway connecting the apartments.

22 - 6NGHBKt.png

Larger images here.