Super Mario Run out now: Where and how to download and play Nintendo's new game from the App Store

It may be running into the app store sooner than you think

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Super Mario Run has finally been released.

The much-hyped game is now available in the App Store across the world.

Some people are not seeing the "GET" button show up when they search for the game inside the store. But it can be forced to appear either by refreshing the App Store or heading directly to this link, which should force the app to realise that it has been released.

The game will be the title developed by Nintendo for iPhones, and the first time that Mario has been available on Apple's App Store.

It follows the success of Pokemon Go, earlier this year. While Nintendo does own a third of the Pokemon Company, it didn't have much to do with the game and it was developed by a third party.

But just like Pokemon Go, the game requires that anyone playing it has a connection to the internet. That's intended as a way of stopping pirates getting around the game's relatively expensive $10 price – not required to download the game, but to unlock it – but has already drawn some complaints.

In the case of Pokemon Go, which also required that people were online, the huge popularity of the game meant that its servers regularly crashed and were sometimes intentionally taken offline. That in turn meant that the game was impossible to play for large amounts of time, since it required that same connection, as Super Mario Run will.

The restriction will also mean that fans won't be able to play the game underground or on flights, or anywhere else with restricted Wi-Fi.

But for the most part, the game has been hailed as a signal that Nintendo are finally bringing their nostalgia-inducing characters to a broader range of platforms and consoles. The company unveiled the game at the launch event for the iPhone 7, drawing praise for having liberated Mario and his friends and enemies from Nintendo's own consoles for the first time.

That was reflected in the company's share price, which leapt after the iPhone 7 event and Nintendo's announcement.

It isn't clear what time the game will be released, but it is expected to be made available in the iOS App Store around the world imminently. For the moment, the App Store offers an option to be notified when the game arrives, selected by heading to Super Mario Run's page in the App Store.