The app revolution comes of age

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We’ve seen the ads and by now we know that pretty much any need we have, there’s an app for it. And the growing “appocracy” has something for everyone with a smartphone.

A recent survey by female friendly technology consultancy Lady Geek, conducted by YouGov, shows that apps have an impact beyond the stereotypical young, male tech-savvy audience. The report has foundthat 39 per cent of female smartphone owners over 55 have downloaded at least one app. With its broad appeal and web dominance – not to mention its lack of a price tag, it’s unsurprising to learn that Facebook is the most popular app downloaded by this group. More surprising is the rise of gaming grannies – one in five of those polled stated that their top app was a game, compared to one in 15 men of the same age.According to Lady Geek founder Belinda Parmar “a third of the UK population is over 50 and a revolution is going on within this older group.” Turning outmoded assumptions about age on their heads? There’s an app for that.