This front flip bicycle is probably the best Fifa goal ever

Lucky strike came in the 90th minute

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Given the amount of hours put into Fifa across its 22 titles, you'd have thought every type of goal that falls within the basic laws of physics would have been scored by this point.

The trip-over-goalkeeper-into-front-flip-bicycle might be a new one though, which a Vine user confessed to conceding in the 90th minute to his immense frustration.

It probably didn't require much skill from the gamer, but looks pretty stunning in slow motion replay nonetheless, racking up almost a million views.

Goalkeepers' abilities have apparently been vastly improved for Fifa 15, but there's really nothing anyone, human or computer, could do about a toe-poke like that.

EA released the new player faces for the game last month, which have a scarily realistic level of likeness.