Titanfall: Leaked images reveal all 15 maps and key details ahead of upcoming game release

An unknown Reddit user uploaded various images and details about the game, including the multiplayer campaign and a new 'Generations mode'

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Images showing all 15 maps for upcoming sci-fi shooter Titanfall have been leaked online - less than two weeks before its official release.

A Reddit user, only known their username 'Fallen Fusion', gained access to imagery and key details in the game before revealing all online, leaving the game's producers with precious little to keep secret before the full release on 11 March.

Titanfall is the first title from Respawn Studios - a developers studio formed by former Infinity Ward employees after it was bought out by Activision. It may come as blow that the leak has occurred, although some suspect that it's nothing more than a marketing ploy to raise its profile.

This multiplayer-only sci-fi shooter has received overwhelming positive coverage in the specialist press, with a recent beta of the game (a ‘first draft’ that solicits feedback from fans) attracting more than two million players. It has been praised for its cat-and-mouse dynamic between fleet-footed human pilots and lumbering (but powerful) mechas, aka humanoid robots.

But with the full game mode just weeks away from release, FallenFusion has revealed all, claiming that the campaign will feature nine separate battles, each of which can be fought from viewpoint of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) or Militia. An unseen feature also included is the Pilot Hunter mode, where the player's objective is to kill the enemy team’s pilots to reach the score limit and win, with one point given for each pilot kill.


More features are revealed, including taking control of automated turrets, which "have a considerable range of motion and excellent target tracking systems", but these can be hacked to use against the other team. As well as this, players will be able to use ziplines in the 15 maps, allowing them to travel from one end to the other.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Respawn's links with Infinity Ward have mean they have introduced an unseen feature called 'Generations', not too dissimilar to the Call of Duty online prestige mode. This will allow Titanfall players to reset their progress, experience, unlocks and completed challenges, to become a second-generation pilot, with a total of 10 generations to complete. As they progress to another Generation level, it becomes easier to reach the next.

Titanfall will be released on 11 March on Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 version set to be released on 25 March.