More playable than ever: Ultra Street Fighter IV


Ultra Street Fighter IV


Xbox 360, PS3, PC (£11.99)

The best incarnation of the legendary fighting game gets a makeover five years after its release with this new update. New game modes and a few additional characters (taking the total to 44) don't sound like substantial changes – but coupled with a rebalance of the existing fighters that brings the characters closer in ability, they make this classic more playable than ever. Frantically bashing buttons to make Blanka turn electric, infuriating friends with relentless hadoukens and keeping your distance with Dhalsim has never been so fun.

Simon Rice




PS4, PC (£14.99)

Transistor is a beautifully sculpted creation. The game's captivating story is relayed through the note-perfect narration emanating from the trapped soul within the eponymous weapon. Being locked within Transistor's vibrant, sublime world of sci-fi cyberpunk is a treat, as the ghostly electronic soundtrack melds with an elegant neon landscape. Equally impressive is the intuitive gameplay that introduces bursts of strategic, action RPG into real-time combat. A haunting, opulent work which is the PS4's first unequivocal masterpiece.

Oliver Cragg

Swords & Soldiers


Wii U (£2.69)

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Swords & Soldiers gets an HD re-release on the Wii U. It works well with the touchscreen, as it maintains the simplicity of action that served the game well on mobile platforms. The difficulty curve is perfect to keep players going even when frustration rears its head, and a neat multiplayer mode is great if you do come to an impasse on single-player levels. With a quirky 2D art style and polished presentation, it's worth a look for any fans of real-time strategy.

Sam Gill