Watch Dogs is set in a fictionalised version of Chicago / OutoflurkintoLight/Ubisoft

Rusty fence becomes concrete street

When you make an open world game like Watch Dogs, the devil's in the detail.

Making a city feel real means making it function exactly as the physical world would, with no gaps, errors or oversights.

So much of GTA 5's brilliance can be attributed to this - bar the odd concrete tent, it felt as though every single pixel had been closely scrutinised.

The same can't be said for Watch Dogs, which in the two days since its release has already seen a couple of howlers.

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Yesterday, a gamer spotted that police could be evaded by simply jumping in the water (due to the lack of water police patrol), and today a window was found reflecting a completely different location.

A grab taken by a player showed both the grassy environment that should have been mirrored and the concrete street which was.

One Redditor claiming to be a game designer stuck up for Ubisoft however, insisting not entirely jokingly that implementing window reflections can indeed be a 'real pane'.