Gold Apple Watch buyers can skip queues

The gold edition of the watch costs £8000

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If you thought that the act of wearing the 18 karat, £8k Apple Gold smart watch was ostentatious enough, the company have reportedly found a new way to make potential buyers of the luxury watch feel even more VIP.

According to sources quoted by tech website 9to5Mac, when a customer interested in buying the Apple Watch Edition enters the store, he or she will be given “no-wait access” to a dedicated expert who will provide a personalized “journey” from the beginning of the appointment to the end.

This means that they will be able to walk right to the front of a queue full of second-class Apple customers who might be buying the significantly cheaper versions of the new technology, at £479 and £949.

Apparently Apple has described the gold Apple Watch Edition to employees as “the ultimate expression of extraordinary craftsmanship, incredible innovation, and design driven by functionality and end use… technology becoming seductive, with desirability not necessarily defined by simply a price tag or elitism, but rather meticulous focus on usefulness and utility rooted in beauty.”

It must be rather nice for them that they don’t think the golden watch that is in no way technologically superior to the cheaper versions and costs just under a third of the country’s annual average income is defined by a price tag or elitism.