Swedish company myFC announced on, February 11, that the worldwide unveiling of the PowerTrekk ( www.powertrekk.com ) 'water powered' portable energy device, will take place at the upcoming Mobile World Conference held from February 14-17 in Barcelona.


The device allows electronic devices such as cameras or mobile phones to be recharged without the need for mains electricity.  

Devices in need of charging are connected to the PowerTrekk via a USB port, a table spoon of water is then added to a compartment in the PowerTrekk and hydrogen is then converted into electricity by means of an eco-friendly fuel cell.

Due to this method of energy generation the company claims it is more user-friendly than other renewable energy portable chargers as it is not depended on weather conditions in the same way that solar power is for example.

Each stick on fuel cell is 2.75mm thick and produced in an environmentally friendly manner from which the only bi-product is water.

However the fuel cell its self is electronic waste -which in a statement on the company's website they claim 'will be part of an industry program for recycling'.

The device is expected to be launched internationally in October for €148 plus sales tax.

The PowerTrekk is one of several 'green' devices being exhibited at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. This year the best of these 'green' devices will be honored in the ' green mobile award for best green product/ service of performance' category of World Mobile Conference ' Global Mobile Awards'. Nominations for this year's awards include - ' ACME Tele Power Limited', ' Bharti Infratel -GreenTowers P7 project', and ' Orange for Orange solar base station programme' amongst others.

The Mobile World Conference is dedicated to cutting-edge mobile technology and is expected to attract around 1,300 exhibitors and 50,000 industry members in 2011, see http://www.mobileworldcongress.com for more information. During the same week the latest solar innovations will be on display at Expo Solar from February, 16-18 in Korea, for more information see http://www.exposolar.org/2011/.