Happy New Year... but not yet: Confused brands tweet congratulations a day early

Tower Bridge, Papa John’s, Yankee Candles, and more fell victim to wrongly scheduled tweets

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Scheduled tweets are essential to a brand’s Twitter presence. It keeps timelines active and, when it comes to special occasions like Christmas or New Year, you can still wish followers without anyone actually having to wait till midnight to press ‘tweet’.

However, some brands are having a bit of trouble with scheduled tweets and have been wishing people Happy New Year at the stroke of midnight – a day early.

Victims of the "wrongly-scheduled-tweet" include Tower Bridge, Papa John's, Yankee Candles, Highland Springs, and more.

Those fireworks look at least a year old

Credits for pretty font use

 Not quite the bubbles we're hoping for


Were they hoping to confuse people with all the words?


The lack of pizza imagery in this is shocking


You would have thought they would make a firework-scented candle for this tweet


Some tried to pretend it didn't happen (but we got screenshots)



Good with computers, not so much with social media

The Pride of Britain, indeed


And this bright spark who decided to schedule tweets at the same time on all accounts


There's still about 16 hours to get it right.