How 'Renegade Ops' learns from 'Lego Harry Potter'

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Renegade Ops, a September download from the team behind funtastic Just Cause 2, is a top-down affair that aims for the feel of an action-packed Michael Bay blockbuster, as shown in the new trailer.

Compare it to retro classics SWIV, Jungle Strike, Micro Machines with weapons and baddies, or modern riffs such as Gatling Gears and Assault Heroes.

Rather than forcing players to stay in the same area, a dynamic, moving line splits the screen as armored buggies and trucks whizz about as they please.

That's what happens when two team up on the same machine. Play online in a gang of four and you get the whole screen to yourself.

Just like Lego Harry Potter's clever split screen trick, then, except with a fever dream of Rambo, Schwarzenegger and the A-Team replacing Harry and his Hogwarts chums.

There's an added bonus for PC players, too. Download it on 360 or PS3 and it'll cost $15 (€13 / £10). Plump for PC and Sega are offering a four-for-two deal on pre-orders: buy two in advance, and get two gift copies for gratis.

What else is coming out in September anyway? Apart from FIFA 12, Resident Evil 4 HD, Gears of War 3...