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Indie game spotlight: PAX 10's top picks

The Penny Arcade Expo has put forth its top ten indie games that are to take part in a special showcase at PAX Prime in Seattle this August.

Of the three, five are already available to try or buy in one form or another: A Flipping Good Time (which is free), Atom Zombie Smasher, Jamestown, Solar 2, and Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare.

Most are for PCs, though Fez will be on Xbox 360, Solar 2 has an Xbox 360 version, Atom Zombie Smasher works on Macs, and Word Fighter is coming out on iPhone, iPad and Android handsets.

A Flipping Good Time (PC)
Website and download: aflippinggoodtime.com
Trailer: youtu.be/BMvc5ipOr_w

Antichamber (PC, was Hazard - A Journey of Life)
Website: antichamber-game.com
Trailer: youtu.be/rBrU4x3oCf0

Atom Zombie Smasher (PC, Mac)
Website / free demo: blendogames.com/atomzombiesmasher
Trailer: youtu.be/SL0WH8ry30E
Buy: Blendo ($15), Steam ($10), Direct2Drive ($15), GamersGate ($10), Impulse ($15)

Fez (Xbox 360)
Website: polytroncorporation.com/61-2
Trailer: vimeo.com/17939653

Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony (PC)
Website: jamestowngame.com
Trailer: youtu.be/gk7UERiO3t4
Buy: Steam ($10), Direct2Drive ($10), GamersGate (€9)

Snapshot (PC)
Website: retroaffect.com/games/1/snapshot
Trailer: youtu.be/DNx4uE7czic

Solar 2 (PC, Xbox 360)
Website: murudai.com/solar
Trailer: youtu.be/WZxfy1f7Tmw
Buy: GamersGate (€7), Steam ($10), Xbox Live (400MS/$5)

Splatters (PC, was Confetti Corner)
Website: spikysnail.com
Trailer: youtu.be/Fko5-g1abuM

Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare
Website: badpilcrow.com/index.php?action=vspd
Trailer: youtu.be/twOBUIhi55k
Buy: Big Fish Games ($7)

Word Fighter (iOS & Android)
Website: feeleveryyummy.com
A trailer (of sorts): youtu.be/zoY2HNoJIEQ