If you are one of those people who are proud to boast about your extensive experience, proven track record and results-oriented work ethic on business social networking site LinkedIn, your New Year's resolution might soon be to re-write your profile page.

LinkedIn's list of top ten buzzwords in the US for 2010 is packed full of overused terms (like those above) that many people slip into their CVs to boost their profile.

Cliched buzzwords and phrases like "innovative," "motivated," "results-oriented" and "team player" are found in an overwhelming number of US users' profiles says Linkedin in a December 14 blog post.

But the Americans are not the only ones at fault. The trend stretches across the globe.

"While members from the USA, Canada and Australia tend to emphasize their 'extensive experience,' Brazilians, Indians and Spaniards identify themselves as 'dynamic' professionals," according to LinkedIn. "Members in the UK call themselves more 'motivated' and the French, the Germans, the Italians and the Dutch see themselves as 'innovative.'"

Top 10 overused buzzwords in LinkedIn profiles in the USA - 2010

   1. Extensive experience
   2. Innovative
   3. Motivated
   4. Results-oriented
   5. Dynamic
   6. Proven track record
   7. Team player
   8. Fast-paced
   9. Problem solver
   10. Entrepreneurial