A screen shot from the video of ‘iOS Autocomplete Song’

Songwriter Jonathan Mann used Apple's QuickText feature to create a four-minute YouTube video

The latest use of iOS 8’s QuickText feature has resulted in a surprisingly decent pop song after an American songwriter used the software to pen a tune.

Jonathan Mann, 28, from Berkeley, California, used Apple’s upgraded  programme to write a four-minute piece simply titled ‘iOS Autocomplete Song’.

Scroll down to listen to the song

Sample lyrics include: “The fact I can get it right away/With the best of the year and the best of the year/And the other hand is the only thing that/Would have to go back."

“The idea just struck me and it seemed pretty obvious. Just like when I did a Duet With Siri,” Mr Mann said to The Independent.

He might not be making any claims to songwriter prowess, but the song, posted on YouTube yesterday, has already garnered over 50,000 views.

“I think it’s more of a one time thing,” he said, confirming the internet would be unlikely to see an ‘iOS Autocomplete Song 2’.

“It wouldn’t be as funny or interesting the second time, though I’d be interested in how other peoples' predictive text differs from mine.”

Mr Mann, who has written, recorded and posted a song every day since early 2009, first shot to internet fame after Steve Jobs selected his video, “The iPhone Antenna Song”, to lead a news conference about the iPhone 4’s antenna issues in 2010.