iPad trumps trad consoles in kids' eyes

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Thirty-one percent of children aged 6 to 12 are interested in buying an Apple iPad, making the device most-wanted after it trumped desire for computers, iPod Touches, and the Nintendo DS.

The survey, carried out during October 2010, also found that interest in consumer electronics among those in the 13+ age range was more evenly spread out.

Their top item, with a 20% result, was a computer, with televisions and non-iPhone brand smartphones both on 19%, and the iPad in fourth place on 18%.

The iPad was also the item with the highest fixed price, at $529 for the most basic 16GB model, as compared to a $199 iPod Touch, $129 Nintendo DS Lite, $199 Wii, $299 PlayStation 3 or $499 8GB non-contract iPhone.

Given the Xbox 360's penetration of the North American market, its absence from the top tens may be because those asked already had access to one.

The survey period also fell prior to the Xbox 360 Kinect's launch on November 4, with an accompanying worldwide advertising budget of $500 million.

Interest in Buying in the Next 6 months: Kids 6-12
1) iPad
2) Computer
3) iPod Touch
4) Nintendo DS / DSi / DS Lite
5) Sony PlayStation 3
6) Smartphone (non-iPhone)
7) Other Mobile Phone
8) iPhone
9) Television Set
10) Nintendo 3DS

Interest in Buying in the Next 6 months: Ages 13+
1) Computer
2) Television Set
3) Smartphone (non-iPhone)
4) iPad
5) Blu-Ray Player
6) E-Reader
7) Nintendo Wii
8) iPhone
9) Sony PlayStation 3
10) iPod Touch
Source: The Nielsen Company