iPhone 6: New video shows Apple smartphone cobbled together from factory parts

The leak is as unauthorized as ever but confirms previous expectations - bigger screen, side-located buttons and smooth, rounded edges

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The iPhone 6 is perhaps one of the most leaked product launches the tech world has ever seen, but a new video purportedly showing off the device in full is too glossy to pass up.

Russian-based YouTube user Rozetked has apparently put together a 4.7-inch Frankenstein iPhone 6 using parts whisked away from the production line.

Consistent with previously leaked parts, the device in the video below has smooth edges, with power and volume buttons located on the side (presumably to make access easier on the bigger screen size).

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The Apple logo on the back of the phone is reportedly made from a scratch-proof and corrosion-resistant alloy, and Rozetked claims to have also got his hands on an original system board that shows a place for the updated A8 processor and an NFC module.

It’s rumoured that Apple is using NFC (near field communication) tech to turn the iPhone 6 into a mobile wallet, with deals with Visa, Master Card and American Express all reportedly in the bag.

The new iPhone is expected to be unveiled by Apple at an event on September 9th, with reports claiming that the company will be following it up with their first ever wearable - the mysterious iWatch.

Exclusive  настоящий iPhone 6 - YouTube (2).png
A still from the video showing the iPhone 6 (right) next to the smaller iPhone 5s.

Exclusive  настоящий iPhone 6 - YouTube (1).png
The new smartphone will reportedly sport Touch ID like the 5s.