Customers queue to purchase the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in front of Apple Ginza store on September 25, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan / Ken Ishii/Getty Images

Videos show the new phones being thrown in bowls of liquid and surviving — though you probably shouldn’t take it for a swim just yet

The iPhone 6s seems to be able to withstand being submerged for a long time in water, despite not officially being waterproof.

Numerous tests are appearing on the internet where the phone is being thrown into liquid and left for some time — with no apparent effect on its functioning.

Apple doesn’t advertise the iPhone as waterproof — and it’s still very much not recommended that users intentionally get it wet. But the company has stressed how much more robust this phone is than its predecessor, the iPhone 6, because of its use of a special aluminium alloy and a stronger screen.

New information from iFixit, which rips apart new technology to see what’s inside, seems to show that Apple has intentionally added the water resistance to the phone. They published their teardown last week, but have revisited their findings in the wake of the reports that the phone is waterproof — and found that Apple seems to have added extra seals to parts of the handset, apparently to keep it waterproof.

The new phone seems to have been redesigned to add the extra seals, the company said. It has also added extra reinforcement to some of the internal components, helping to keep water out.

Initial rumours about the iPhone 7 have pointed to Apple adopting an entirely different material for the new phones, which could make it completely waterproof.