19-years-old David Kiss from Debrecen, Hungary, shows off his new iPhone 6s at the Apple store in Munich, Germany. Kiss camped in front of the shop for almost a week to be the first to get the new smartphone /

Some countries don’t even have the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus yet, but suggestions of what might be coming in the new phones are already out

The next iPhone could use a special new material that might make the phone waterproof, according to new leaks.

The iPhone 6s was only release last week — and still isn’t available in some countries — but hints of what might be inside of the iPhone 7, its likely successor, are already coming out. The phone will have a major new design that will allow it to be much more robust, according to a post on Japanese Apple rumour blog Mac Otakara.

The redesigned phone will feature a new material, according to a report based on posts on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter — it may be made of the super-strong LiquidMetal that Apple is known to have taken an interest in. It will also be able to withstand dust and water, according to the posts which claimed to be based on early prototypes of the phone.

The screen will also be completely flat, according to the report. That means that it won’t be taking on any of the design queues from the rounded Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

The reports are based on posts from public social media accounts, and so may not be accurate, but Mac Otakara has feature accurate rumours in the past.

If Apple were to make the iPhone yet more rugged, it would be continuing a trend that can be seen in the iPhone 6s. For that phone, Apple used a new, stronger metal and a more hardy glass — as well as apparently making it more able to withstand water, according to some online videos.