More people in Europe are using their mobile phone to access dating sites, and the majority of these users are men. Overall 7.1 percent of mobile-toting Italians and 3.0 percent of Brits use mobile dating sites.

In Europe, men, particularly Italians aged 25 to 34; are the biggest users of mobile dating sites, according to a survey released August 26 by digital monitoring group comScore. The survey found that out of the 11 million mobile users accessing dating services each month, 22 percent are males aged 25-34 compared to just 8.7 percent of females within the same age group.

Italians are the most prolific users of mobile dating services in Europe, with 7.1 percent of Italians who use a mobile phone (3.3 million users) accessing dating services from their mobile devices, while in second place with 6.1 percent (2.1 million users) are the Spanish. Germany, with 3.9 percent (2.1 million users), and France, with 3.6 percent (1.7 million users), come third and fourth respectively, while the United Kingdom comes fifth with only 3.5 percent (1.7 million) of users interacting with dating services via mobile devices.

Some popular online mobile dating sites are and, while provides a user-based review service of numerous dating sites.

Throughout Europe, mobile access to dating sites has increased by 52 percent since June 2009 and the most popular means of accessing dating services is text messaging or SMS.

          Dating site access via mobile phone per country

Country Unique Visitors (000) Reach (%)
Italy 3,347 7.1%
Spain 2,124 6.1%
Germany 2,093 3.9%
France 1,693 3.6%
UK 1,711 3.0%