Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber became the first male to exceed ten million followers on Twitter on May 29, but that doesn't mean all of his fans are celebrating.

"@justinbieber its 1 in a 10 MILLION chance for you to notice me..not just 1 in a million, 1 in TEN MILLION..but i'll still hope<3," tweeted a follower called "@JBisBieberful" soon after the singer's fan count ticked over 10 million.

Justin Bieber celebrated the milestone by thanking his fans and tweeting: "#10MillionBeliebers I love u...changing my life everyday. I'm from a town of 30, u guys are 333 times my town! CRAZY! #NeverSayNever."

Lady Gaga has been picking up fans like there is no tomorrow since the release of her latest album Born This Way. The eccentric pop star became the first microblogger to exceed 10 million fans just over two weeks ago and has already passed the 10.5 million followers mark.

Britney tipped over the 8 million fan mark during the week, joining US President Barack Obama, Yao Chen, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga as the only microbloggers with more than 8 million fans.

Taiwanese actress and TV host Dee Hsu continued to add a steady stream of followers to her fan count. Her growing list of 7.66 million followers puts her just ahead of American singer Katy Perry’s 7.60 million strong posse.  

Fellow Taiwanese TV host Kevin Tsai leaped over American actor Ashton Kutcher in the list of most followed microbloggers during the week too.

In September 2010, Twitter had 175 million registered users, while Sina reports that Weibo had more than 80 million registered users in January 2011.

Most popular people on Twitter:

  1. Lady Gaga (10,551,279 followers)
  2. Justin Bieber (10,050,891)
  3. Barack Obama (8,326,574)
  4. Britney Spears (8,038,012)
  5. Kim Kardashian (7,688,077)
  6. Katy Perry (7,600,868)
  7. Ashton Kutcher (6,856,241)
  8. Ellen DeGeneres (6,772,813)
  9. Taylor Swift (6,576,701)
  10. Shakira (6,333,622)

Most popular people on Sina's microblog (Weibo):

  1. Yao Chen (8,479,667 followers)
  2. Dee Hsu (7,615,861)
  3. Kevin Tsai (6,893,407)
  4. Zhao Wei (6,663,630)
  5. Jung Kyung Ho (6,255,616)
  6. Xie Na (6,033,729)