A look at the most popular Facebook trends according to global popularity engine Likester for the week ending July 8.

American jeans brand Levi's has rocketed to the top of Facebook's most popular pages with a total of 6.1 million "likes."

The company is running a number of online campaigns via its Facebook page, including a temporary and free Film Workshop at the MOCA in LA, the "find your perfect jean" Curve ID fit quiz, and the "Water<Less" campaign, which aims to save millions of liters of water.

Twitter is this week's second most "liked" brand on Facebook. The Twitter Facebook page (which doesn’t actually appear to be claimed by Twitter) has racked up a total of more than 895,000 fans.

Despite the page's popularity, it displays no information, photos or wall posts.

The release of a tribute album, Dalla Parte Di Rino: Tributo A Rino Gaetano, for popular Italian singer Rino Gaetano has sent Facebook users on a "Rino Gaetano" liking spree.

Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Márquez is also winning fans on the social networking site, as is Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat.

The Facebook page of Argentinian football star Leo Messi has been on overdrive during the South American international football tournament COPA America. Fans have been flocking to Messi's Facebook page to show their appreciation and to check out his latest updates.

The most popular trends on Facebook for the week ending July 8 according to Likester:

  1. Levi's
  2. Twitter
  3. Rino Gaetano
  4. Gabriel Garcia Márquez
  5. ??????? (Pocari Sweat)
  6. Leo Messi