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Many top titles in Xbox LIVE Arcarde's one-week sale, June 16-22

Though Microsoft's presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on Monday, June 14 focussed on their new hands-free, voice-activated control system and a bundle of easily accessible games, the company hasn't forgotten its roots: there's a week-long price cut on some of the Xbox 360's most well-loved downloadable games until June 22.

The one-week sale levies price drops of 33-50 percent on 19 titles available on the Xbox 360's online shop, the Xbox Live Marketplace, including some of its most highly rated releases.

Braid is a smart platforming game with a time-travelling twist, earning top marks from 1UP, Eurogamer, Giant Bomb, and The Onion's A.V. Club.

Portal wowed with its puzzles and humor, with over 30 'Game of the Year' awards to its name, and the Xbox LIVE version adds another 14 extra rooms to the original's 19 mind-bending challenges.

Both Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and its sequel were highly praised for their innovative and exciting twin-stick space shooter action, while Castlevania, Trials HD, and Bionic Commando Rearmed all revitalized video game classics for Xbox 360 owners.

Similarly, Shadow Complex picked up close to 50 'Game of the Year' awards in 2009 for its refreshing and modern take on the side-scrolling action genre.

Splosion Man was similarly feted and was picked out by Shadow Complex's Donald Mustard as being a game that he particularly admired, along with Braid and also Castle Crashers.

A Kingdom for Keflings, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Alien Hominid HD, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Banjo-Tooie, 800 MS Points (was 1200, -33%)
Bionic Commando Rearmed, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Bomberman LIVE, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Braid, 800 MS Points (was 1200, -33%)
Castle Crashers, 800 MS Points (was 1200, -33%)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Contra, 240 MS Points (was 400, -40%)
Crystal Defenders, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
N+, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Panzer General, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Portal: Still Alive, 800 MS Points (was 1200, -33%)
TMNT - 1989 Arcade version, 240 MS Points (was 400, -40%)
Uno Rush, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, 800 MS Points (was 1200, -33%)
Zombie Apocalypse, 400 MS Points (was 800, -50%)

Approximate worth of Microsoft Points
240 = $3 / €2.80 / £2.05
400 = $5 / €4.65 / £3.40
800 = $10 / €9.30 / £6.80

Microsoft Points can be bought from Xbox.com, the Xbox 360 dashboard, and from online and high street retailers.