The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on July 19.

1. Atheist Wins Right To Wear Spaghetti Strainer As Religious Headgear
After a three-year battle with authorities, an Austrian man won the right to wear a spaghetti strainer as "religious headgear" after claiming it "was a requirement of his religion, The Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster, or pastafarianism."

2. Dear Netflix, Kindly go f**k yourself

Customers of American video rental and streaming service Netflix are angered by membership pricing increases and changes.

3. IT'S OFFICIAL: The Whole World Thinks Republicans Are Dangerous Maniacs Threatening Everyone
An article in German populist newspaper Bild states that American "Republicans have turned a dispute over a technicality into a religious war" that will eventually bankrupt the country and cause a "global shockwave."

4. Google+ already at 10 million users, could reach 20m by this weekend

Google's social network Google+ has been extremely popular, hitting an estimated more than 10 million users within its first two weeks despite its "limited field test" status.

5. 6 Mind-Blowing Discoveries Made Using Google Earth

Researchers and scientists have discovered the largest rain forest in Southern Africa (which is home to never-before-seen plants and animals), ancient mammal fossils in Egypt, remains of ancient civilizations in Italy, and an unusually well-preserved meteorite impact crater.