Mozilla, maker of popular web browser Firefox, has made the latest stable version available to the public - but don’t expect to find a long list of significant new features contained within.

For most users the release of Firefox 6 will offer just a few minor enhancements, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it.

Contained within is an overabundance of bug fixes and stability issue fixes, plus an Awesome Bar (Firefox’s URL Bar) enhancement that highlights a website’s domain name “to help quickly identify where you are on the Web.”  

While at the drawing board, Mozilla has updated its Firefox for Android browser too, adding a new user interface and font and button optimization for tablet users.

According to StatCounter Firefox is currently the second most used web browser in the world with 28% of the market. Versions of Microsoft’s IE still reign in first place with 42% of the market, while Google’s Chrome market share continues to grow rapidly. Chrome is the third most used browser around the globe with a market share of 22%.

Download the latest version of Firefox from