New browser helps social network addicts navigate the web with their friends in tow

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RockMelt is a brand new browser set to change the way users navigate the web. It places more emphasis on sharing, connecting with friends, keeping up with the news and finding the the web pages you want fast.

Built on Google's Chromium, the open source project behind the web giant's own Chrome browser, RockMelt is a new generation of web browser that harnesses the power of the social web to make your online navigational experience more useful.

"With RockMelt we've re-thought the user experience because a browser can and should be about more than simply navigating Web pages," said the team behind RockMelt in a post on their blog.

"Today's Web users need a browser that does more than just navigate pages. RockMelt helps people do the things they do every single day - keep up with their friends, share, get updates, and search," added Vishria, RockMelt's co-founder and CEO in a November 8 press release.

"RockMelt integrates your Facebook friends directly into the browser, so you're always ready to chat, share a video, or keep up on what your friends are doing, wherever you are on the Web."

RockMelt is also the first browser to include push notifications; when a user's favorite site publishes a new article or their friends upload new pictures users are instantly notified with a message.  

People who like to browse the web with their friends might also be interested in rival social web browser Flock (

Mac and Windows users (who don't mind a few "kinks and bugs") can trial RockMelt in its current limited beta stage by signing up for early access here:

For a hands-on look at the browser in action visit:

For more information about RockMelt visit the company's blog: