New release info for 'Minecraft,' 'PlanetSide Next,' and 3DS game from 'Club Penguin' team

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The Hidden, a Nintendo 3DS game from the developer of two Club Penguin DS titles, as well as indie sensation Minecraft and cult-status sequel PlanetSide Next, were among the games given release dates or delays during the week of April 2-8.

The Hidden uses the Nintendo 3DS's cameras to take real-world environments and make them part of a ghost hunt. It's due out "just in time for Halloween," much like 2010's trick or treating title Costume Quest did, so expect a mid to late October street date.

Minecraft, which has already totalled $33 million of sales during a two year test period, will have its "full version" released on November 11. Updates will continue both before and after, so the most significant change will be a full retail price of €20 instead of the current €14.95 for early adopters.

PlanetSide Next is the provisional title for a long-awaited sequel to the hugely influential PC game PlanetSide. The 2003 original is still considered to be the definitive massively multiplayer online first person shooter.

PlanetSide Next had been tentatively expected in March, but will now come "a little later in the year," according to Sony Online Entertainment President and PlanetSide diehard John Smedley.

There's more sci-fi skirmishing on the way in Section 8: Prejudice. The jetpack-fueled download is prioritizing Xbox 360 (April 20), with PC following (May 4) and the PlayStation 3 version due "summer" (May to July).

Other release date alterations include Dungeon Siege III (was late May; now June 17 in Europe, June 21 in North America) and Operation Flashpoint: Red River's North American date (was late April; now June 7) - the European date remains April 24, at least for now.

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