Flexible OLEDs are a minor trend for smartphone makers, but it's only speculation that they'll even be wanted by customers

Last week Samsung gave customers a first look at their new curved-screen smartphone, the Galaxy Round.

This week it’s LG’s turn, with three conveniently leaked images (well, better call them ‘strategically released’) showing off the LG G Flex: a 6-inch device that’s curved from top to bottom.

Both LG and Samsung have been talking up flexible OLED screens for a while now, but those hoping for displays that fold up like paper will be disappointed.

These first instances of the technology are curved, yes, but fixed in a single position.

Indeed, the only difference between the two smartphone makers’ offerings is the direction of this curve. Samsung’s Galaxy Round curves along the horizontal axis whilst LG’s G Flex curves vertically.

In theory the former might better fit your hand and the latter your face, but until reviewers get their hands on the gadgets it’s not certain that the curves will be appealing at all.

The G Flex will reportedly launch next month at some point, pipping the LG G2 as the company’s most unusually designed phone (the G2 put its main hardware buttons on the back plate of the handset).

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lg flex 3.jpg

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