Alexa is the brains behind Amazon’s expanding range of Echo speakers

The popular voice assistant now plays nice with iCloud Calendar, which is great news for iPhone users

You can now link your iCloud Calendar to the Alexa voice assistant

Amazon has just rolled out the functionality to Alexa-compatible devices, describing it as “a top requested feature”.

The announcement should please iPhone, iPad and Mac users, who can now organise their calendar and quickly find out about their schedule by chatting to Alexa.

Amazon’s voice assistant is widely considered the best on the market, ahead of Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri.

Alexa is the brains behind Amazon’s expanding range of Echo speakers, and has started making its way to smartphones, tablets and cars too.

You can hook Alexa up with your iCloud Calendar in the Settings menu of the Alexa app.

“Once linked, just say, ‘Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?’ or ‘Alexa, add lunch with Sarah at noon to my calendar,’” suggests Amazon. 

The addition of iCloud Calendar means Alexa now supports five different calendar services. The other four are: Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and G Suite. 

Recent reports claim Amazon is preparing to launch its futuristic Go stores in the UK.

They let you walk in, grab products and walk straight out without having to go through a checkout.

All you need to do is check in to the store at the entrance by using your phone to scan the Amazon app on a sensor, and a range of technologies will make sure you pay the right amount for your shopping.