Switching from iOS to Android is likely to remain difficult for the time being / PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images

Apple said they were focused entirely on getting users to switch from Android to iOS, not the other way around

Tech giant Apple has shot down rumours that they are building an app that would help users switch from iOS to Android.

It was reported on Monday that after the creation of their 'Move to iOS' app, which helps users move their contacts, messages and calendars over to iOS when they buy a new phone, Apple was working on similar product that would let users do the opposite.

The Telegraph reported that this was believed to be due to issues raised by European telecoms companies, who are apparently concerned that the difficulty of transferring data from iOS to Android devices means few people ever make the switch.

The mobile operators were reportedly worried that this weakens their hand when conducting business negotiations with Apple, especially because their iOS mobile operating system dominates around 35 per cent of the market.

However, Apple has denied that they are making this tool, telling tech site Re/code: "There is no truth to this rumour."

"We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great," the Apple representative said.

Mobile operators are reportedly concerned that Apple's market strength is making things more difficult for them - but without an iOS to Android data transferring tool, this problem is likely to continue.

It's good news for Apple that they don't have to create something that would help users switch operating systems, considering its own belief in the strength of the Apple brand and given the late co-founder Steve Jobs' policy that the company should "lock" customers in to its software ecosystem.

However, for those looking to swap their iPhone for one of this year's crop of new Android smartphones, moving data is likely going to be a difficult task for some time longer.