Apple announces date for WWDC 2017, where it will reveal the future of iPhone and Mac

The conference is returning to its original home, in San Jose

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Apple has announced when it will hold its Worldwide Developers Conference, the annual meeting where it reveals the future of its products.

The major event will be begin on 5 June and run for four days, the company said. The first day is when Apple traditionally holds its major keynote, introducing the future of its software – with the rest of the days taken up with sessions for developers to learn how to use it.

The company is almost certain to reveal iOS 11 and a new version of Mac OS, as well as new software for its other hardware like the Apple Watch and TV. Apple has sometimes used the event to show off new products and services, too.

The event usually focuses on software, though major hardware has occasionally been introduced at the event. And software like iOS, for the iPhone and iPad, often gives away clues about what is planned for their design.

Holding the event at San Jose's McEnery Convention Center will see it return to its old home, before it moved to other convention centres in San Francisco. The centre is just around the corner from Apple's new headquarters and the city will commemorate it with a range of events through the city, Apple said.

Developers will be able to start applying for tickets in spring. The event is usually overbooked with tickets being distributed through a raffle.

The announcement comes much earlier than Apple usually reveals the timing of the event.