British Army's 'Terrier' is a 30-tonne, remote-controlled digger

60 vehicles to be delivered to the Royal Engineers by BAE systems

The latest high-tech acquisition by the British Army is the Terrier: a 30 tonne remote-controlled vehicle, with tank-treads and a range of functions from digging holes to mine clearance.

Designed by BAE Systems, the Terrier can reach speeds of almost 50mph and can be controlled remotely by what the makers have called "a gaming type controller". Adding to the gaming feel, the Terrier has a number of different attachments that can be swapped out to tackle different jobs.

“Very much in line with the ethos of The Corps of Royal Engineers, Terrier is a versatile vehicle capable of taking on a variety of tasks” said Warrant Officer Steve Cahill, who has trialled The Terrier for the Royal Engineers.

“[The Terrier] can dig holes, life objects, and drill into the ground or shatter concrete. All whilst being controlled remotely and providing armoured protection, top cover and smoke shields to our troops.”

The British Army will be receiving 60 Terriers as part of a £360 million contract with BAE Systems, which designed and built the vehicles in the UK.

The Terriers are also fitted with five on-board cameras with thermal imaging technology providing 306 degrees of surveillance for those inside. And as well as able to handle a range of construction tasks, it also has a 7.62 millimetre general purpose machine gun.

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