BroApp: New app enables busy boyfriends to send pre-programmed text messages to their girlfriends

New app enables busy boyfriends to send pre-programmed text messages to their girlfriends

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Looking to score brownie points with your girlfriend? There’s an app for that.

For men too busy hanging with their mates to text their girlfriend, there is now the BroApp.

The Australian creation, which went on sale this week, is dubbed as being the perfect download for “any Bro looking to enhance their relationship”.

The Android app, which costs £1.49 to download, sends automated daily text messages to the recipient of the user’s affections, making it every man’s “clever relationship wingman”.

Creators Tom and James, both 29, of Brisbane, told Today that their inspiration came after they both realised they weren’t spending enough time with their girlfriends because of hectic working schedules.

“We created a demo BroApp (we didn't even have a name for it at the time!), just for our use, that sent a single daily check-in message,” they said.

"And was very well-received by our girlfriends!"

BroApp works by providing a series of default messages, which users are encouraged to adapt to suit their own needs. These can then be sent at a specified date and time.

After trialling the app, Tom and James have also built in a number of precautionary measures.

It features a “girlfriend safety lock down” mode, which directs “inquisitive” girlfriends to a list of gifts that her boyfriend was “planning to buy” her, rather than the automated messages.

The app has also been adapted to recognise when users are logged into their girlfriends’ Wi-Fi networks, so that a message is not sent when the couple are already together.

And messages are disabled if the pair has communicated within the last hour.

Despite the potential for blunders, Tom and James told Today they both used the app for three months without their girlfriends finding out.

Tom said: “Personally, my partner was impressed that I would write her a message even though we were going to see each other that night.

“It did get awkward having to tell [her] about trialling BroApp on her for the past three months. When James and I first pitched her the idea, she said, 'Any girl will work it out'. She was wrong.”

On Twitter, users expressed mixed reactions.

In a reference to the Jay-Z song, 99 Problems, @AhmedElGabri tweeted: "LOL - I've got 99 problems but messaging my girlfriend ain't one."

But @C21chitchat said: "Who said romance is dead? They could be right, now men have an app to send romantic texts for them!"

And @SteelRicciotti tweeted: "BroApp auto texts your wife or girlfriend when you're busy...BadApps."

Nevertheless, Tom and James said they have had a number of requests for a female equivalent. Watch this space.